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  • We are professionals - We have been doing this for decades.
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    Consulting Services -

    We have done work for contest stations such as N5AU and K5RX. We have done antenna systems design for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    We have designed mobile installations that include full legal limit amplifiers, gas generators, and Omega-T Beam Steering Combiners for adjustable directional gain on 20 meters.

    We have designed some of the most hard core lightning protection/ grounding systems around.

    We have re-written the book on mobile installations from new bonding techniques to mounting innovations for HF to WiFi.

    We have designed shacks for contest stations to typical home shacks to mobile shacks.

    We have designed back up power systems that include single UPS systems as small as 200 watts to systems with multiple UPS units in a cascade with 80 KW generators in front of them.

    We have designed RF screen rooms to safe rooms for severe weather situations.

    We have designed sound proofed shacks to help save marriages.

    We have designed cavity filter arrays, both notch and band pass, for repeaters and HF isolation.

    We have designed antenna test ranges for WiFi antenna testing.

    We have designed "grab and go" repeater systems for moments notice emergency response.

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